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Saved by the x-ray

Salva pela radiografia

Ricardo Manuel Costa Rodrigues; Nuno Santos; Susana Gomes; Décio Pereira

Int J Cardiovasc Sci.2016;29(4):333-335 : Case Report


In the emergency department setting, it is often difficult to provide proper diagnosis and potentially fatal diseases may appear in atypical forms. Clinical suspicion and complementary laboratory tests are important to define severe conditions. We report the case of a 36-year-old female patient with family and personal history of syncope. The patient was admitted in the emergency department with atypical symptoms of malaise, difficulty to say words and understand others and extreme fatigue. Chest X-ray clarified the case as it revealed a long-term monitoring device implanted years before and revealed an episode of torsades de pointes.

Keywords: Long QT syndrome; Electrocardiography, ambulatory; Torsades de pointes.