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Management of pregnant woman with Marfan Syndrome and mechanical aortic valved conduit

Acompanhamento de gestante portadora de Síndrome de Marfan com tubo valvado metálico aórtico

Roberto Ramos Barbosa; Afonso Dalmazio Souza Mario; Osmar Araujo Calil; Tiago de Melo Jacques; Renato Giestas Serpa; Luiz Fernando Machado Barbosa

Int J Cardiovasc Sci.2016;29(4):329-332 : Case Report


We report a case of a 29-year-old patient with Marfan Syndrome and a mechanical aortic valved conduit graft that was referred to cardiologist at seven weeks pregnant. Echocardiogram: aortic root diameter 35 mm, normally functioning mechanical aortic valve graft. She had a specialized cardiologist follow up. The patient was submitted to cesarean at 38 weeks pregnant, with general anesthesia, antibiotic prophylaxis for endocarditis, cardiac monitoring on the surgical center and stayed in the Coronary Care Unit for 24 hours. Pregnancy and puerperium evolved without hemorrhagic events. The clinical and obstetric follow up of pregnant women with Marfan Syndrome is challenging, and the condition of the previously implanted mechanical heart valve enhances the risk for those patients.